Thibault Liétard.

PhD Student in Computer Science

Hello World !

I am currently a PhD student in the MAGNET team at the INRIA of Lille, in France. My thesis title is "Adaptative Graph Learning with Applications to Natural Language Porcessing". Before that, I followed the Master Degree in Computer Science and Telecommunication at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Rennes, a public institution of higher education and research. Previously, I studied for two years at Polytech'Lille, a Graduate School of Engineering, in the department of Software Engineering and Statistics.

My research interests are mainly computational linguistic, natural language processing, machine learning, and statistics. I am also interested in computer architecture, security and computer algebra, and a lot of things not related to computer science.

Before my PhD, I did several research internships. Firstly, I did a two-month internship in the Cryptography and Computer Security Group, at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium. Then, I worked on a joint project between teams DREAM and GenScale at the IRISA of Rennes. In 2015, I completed an internship in the Data and Web Science Group at Mannheim University (Germany). Finally, I worked with the MAGNET team at the INRIA of Lille (France), doing metric-learning for graph-based coreference resolution for a six month internship.